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Isn’t this too much? Should I tell the mum how I feel?

I got told by my daughter‘s school last week that she has been being mean to her best friend and hitting her. I was mortified and got my daughter to apologise and made it clear to her that this behaviour is unacceptable. However, the friend’s mum who I’ve always been friends with has decided to stop play dates for the time being because it has been going on for a while and she is worried about her daughter’s wellbeing. The girls are getting alone fine now so I’m not sure what her problem is. Surely she should undertand that children do silly things and just need to be forgiven if they’ve been punished and said sorry. It’s going to damage my daughter’s confidence if she’s not allowed to visit her friend after school. Can’t believe someone could be so unreasonable and I feel so angry about it. Should I tell this mum how I feel? 

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