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Daughter wants to move with dad

Me and my daughters(9) dad got a divorce 6 years ago I was pregnant at the time(she’s now 6). I met my now husband 5 years ago, my daughter refuses to get along with him not matter what, he does so much for her and she acts so horrible to him. I had her in therapy and even the therapy lady said she can’t help her after a year. She chooses to be unhappy everyday, she’s moody, mad, hateful and will not listen, she also hates her sister and causes fights numerous times a day! She has now told me she wants to move with her dad who just got a divorce because it’s fun there and I hate her. I have spent time alone with her trying to show her I love her but that always goes south. Her behavior is so bad I’m at lost at what to do and to the point I can’t handle it anymore, she screams at the top of her lungs at us, I have taken toys, tv, everything away and she doesn’t care. Should i let her go to her dads? I know it’s fun Over there and she doesn’t have any responsibilities and I don’t want to reward for her actions but at the same time I’m at my wits end!


  • I think you should have a conversation with her tell her if she really wants to go then she can. make sure she knows how much you love her and that you will miss her.. leave her see for herself that once she's living there it won't be the fun it was when she visits.. it might also help her to appreciate all you and your husband do for her.. I know it would be heartbreaking to see her go but you never know it could end up being the best thing to happen if it helps her attitude to change
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