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Wondering what other peoples experiences with schools and August born children are like, were having some issues with my daughter's school ATM. I've just had a phonecall from the school saying there's been a meeting after school about her and her brother (who's 18 months older)now they want a meeting with me because they think they need to refer them to a children's clinic as they think there are underlying learning issues which has annoyed me a bit. Not about her brother he definitely needs the help he has definatly got learning difficulties and I want him to have the help sooner rather than later. My daughter on the other hand there is nothing wrong with her I'm not denying that she is a little behind some of the other children but some of those children are almost a whole year older than her. Her teacher doesn't come directly to me with these issues she has onstead goes straight to pastoral teacher for her to contact me. In fact when I last went in and spoke to her teacher she told me that she was making progress and has now been moved up a group. It's really upsetting me as I feel that 1 she's being compared to some of her much older friends and 2 she's being singled out because of her brothers difficulties. I just dont feel like they are even giving her chance. She's in reception going up to year one. I've always thought August Born's catch up through the years but after this first year it seems like they are expected to catch up as soon as they have started. 
Sorry for the really long post I hope it's makes sense was just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience


  • Hi,
    So I totally agree that august born children often do struggle. My oldest daughter was born on 31st july and she struggled in reception and it took her until year 2 to find her feet. So you are totally right not to be worried. However it is not a bad thing that they want to offer extra help. Often learning difficulties are genetic and so they may want to do some assessments to rule anything out. I have a dyslexic child and it jas taken such a lot of fighting to get her help that i dont see anything wrong with taking anything you are given. You may find that they end up having no concerns or they may find she has some underlying problems and she will get the help early on. Either way no bad comes from having a meeting with the pastoral teacher. I am sure that the reception teacher means no harm by refering it to the pastoral teacher either. Often this is standard procedure. Try not to over worry. Try and see that positive that the school just want your daughter to have the beat chance possible. Hope this helps
  • I feel like if August born children are not catching up with their peers in their grade they should be held back. I was held back and did great. On the other hand my Aug son was obviously one of the youngest children in his class. But he was very much advanced for his age. We sat down the end of the kindergarten and debated about skipping 1st. Maturity was the biggest concern. In the end he did skip 1st. He's now going into 5th grade this Aug. Which now he's definitely by far the youngest child. My other son who went to pre k this year at the same school is also one of the top students and he's the end of July baby.  Needless to say long story short. If either of them struggled or couldn't keep up in class I would have held them back with no hesitation. I feel like no matter the age they can't expect to have special treatment because they are an Aug baby or what not. My son being an Aug baby and skipping a grade doesn't get any special treatment. He's expected to keep up and do his work like the rest. His handwriting has been the biggest issue. But even there he doesn't get special treatment nor do I expect it. 
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