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Reception Addmissions and moving

Hi everyone im new here and just looking for some advice im so sorry if its a long post. My little one is in nursery at the moment for half days. The problem is we are moving literally 10 minute walk up the road we are hoping to move in next week. Ive signed my little one up for the reception class at the school where she is in nursery. The problem is ive now been told that even though we are in the same street there is a cut off point to that street as its a long one so she may not get that school. So ive put another school as my second option. The lady i spoke to about addmisions said her catchment area school is another one which i don't want her to go to because its in special messures and ive heard people say theyve actually pulled their children out for various reasons. The thing is my little on is so shy and it takes a while for her to warm to anyone. Shes just started getting used to her teacher and friends and im worried itll set her back changing schools if she doesnt get in the one shes in now. I was tempted to pull her out and put her in the second option but dont want to do that if there is still a chance even slight she may get in if that makes sense. The school she is in now is in the 3rd category of catchment. Theres people i kmow who live further who are in that school but the lady told me she doesnt see how as its a popular school and seems oversubscribed. Anyone had any experience? Its so strange how 10 minutes makes that difference. Im just so worried for her making new friends ect. Thankyou.
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