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Your cartoons to teach child understand his emotions

Hi, let's share cartoons that can help our kids to understand their emotions better.   
Сartoon Inside out. 

The main character of the cartoon picture 11-year-old Riley Anderson is going through a not very pleasant stage in life: according to her father's distribution, she is moved in San Francisco. Now she has to say goodbye to her fun, carefree life in Minnesota, leave all her friends, her favorite school, and start a new life with strangers. The loneliness and misunderstanding of loved ones begin to haunt Riley. 
Emotions begin to control Riley - Joy, Fear, Sadness, Disgust, and Anger, which are the causes of all her actions. The girl changes dramatically in the short term and it starts to scare her parents: they cannot understand how a simple move could change a calm, quiet, and cheerful girl so much. But the scariest thing is that no one knows what to do and how to deal with the constant amount of grief that has gripped a defenseless girl. In the cartoon, you can see how children are actually experiencing transitional age, family problems, and meeting new people and a new place.
Please feel free to add your favorite cartoon. 
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