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new school..

hi all
maisy starts her new nursery today... i feel sick she is growing up too quickly..
does anyone else have these feelings...


  • Hi Rachel,
    Yes, had these feelings a few weeks ago, when Niamh started playschool.
    She'll be fine, I bet.
    Good luck with it all, and tell us all how she gets on.
    Kas xx

    ps good to see you on the forum, haven't spoken for a while.
  • I know how you both feel Ethans just started playgroup which i'm fine about but i'm really sad that he's starting school two years from now!! I'm sure that by the time he's 4 i'll be more than happy for him to go!! xx
  • Hi,

    My eldest has just started school this September and I was worse than him! We are better now and are in the routine of going everyday. My youngest turns two in Feb and she's booked in to start at a nusery two mornings a week. I know it will come round quickly and I don't want it to. I feel i'm just starting to get to know her properly for the first time and really enjoying it. I know she needs to go and it will be good grounding for her before she starts school but what will i do with myself. My husband is worried i'll want a third!!
  • Nothing wrong with that Zoe.
    You get to make full use of the 3 for 2 offers.!!!hehe
  • hi all
    i am normal !!!!
    she has settled in great....... but found out today she got chicken pox so cant go back for a least 10 days... then after a couple of days back it's half term.... why me !!!!!!
    i am begining to appreciate the time we do spend togetter more now... leaving the dishes etc for while shes at school... quality time
  • Hi Rachel, how are you?
    Glad to hear Maisy is settling in well.
    Sorry to hear she's got chicken pox though. At least you'll get a little more time with her.
    Kas xx
  • Hi Rach,

    I hope Maisy has been ok with Chicken Pox. My two suffered in May of this year. Jack wasn't too bad but he was quite poorly with it, and Charl bless her was really poorly. They were in and around her eyes, mouth, nose, all in her hair, chest, legs, back, between her legs. The poor thing didn't know what to do with herself. I really hope Maisy wasn't this poorly. The only good thing is they can't get it again.

    Take care, Zoe x
  • maisy has settle back into school no problems..
    went back to the docs and it looks like it wasnt chicken pox just two big bites on her legs she never got any more spot other than the one i mention..
    speak to u all soon
  • Hi Rachel,
    thats really good news, although does that now mean that you still have chicken pox to come?
    Hope you and Maisy are well.
    Speak soon
    Kas xx
  • hi has
    cant wait for the real thing... (not)
    has niamh had them ..
  • Hi Rach,
    nope Niamh not had them either, though i dont know how. we had an outbreak at the nursery I worked at and all her friends had them. How are you anyway, not really chatted for a while. What you been up to?
    Kas xx
  • hi kas
    not been doing much realy.. wedding plans going well & just started painting maisys room girly pink.
    hope your all well
    luv rachxx
  • HI Rachel, did I know you were getting married? Cant remember that?
    Thats great. How long have you been together?
    All well here thanks. Dont know if you read, but Niamhs potty training. Thats going great.
    Bt Maisy will love her room.
    Great to hear from you
    Kas xx
  • hi kas
    not sure if i told you but yes we are getting wed on july 19 2008 cant wait..
    ordered dress got invite etc...
    she has seen her half finished room she love it, but wants to know why she couldnt have it painted the same colour it was... (kids...)
    well done on potty training it so sweet to see them being 'big girls'
    luv rachxx
  • Oh my god, spooky, July 19th is the date we got married (2003).
    Well done on being so organised, you seem to have a lot done.
    Maisys room sounds lovely. As we are renting,we cant do too much, but I think once we move the girls in together, I may get in touch with the rent people and ask if we could maybe put up a border and some of those room decorater sticker things (im sure they come off). Make it a little bit girly.

    Am quite enjoying Niamhs training, seem to be telling her loads these days how proud i am of her etc, lots of cuddles, even more so than normal.
    Taras doing well to, eating like a horse, and growing up so quick.
    Hows maisy doing?
  • think i can remember you teling me your wedding day before.(child always on the go)
    getting married at hotel so they do all the meal and stuff for us.. it's makes my life abit easier only got cake, suits, bridesmaid dresses and rings to do i think..
    maisys doing realy well but abit clingy at the moment.. not that i mind. i think its because shes at school all aftenoon and misses our time abit..
  • Ive just loooked back on the old messages in 'toddler' that we used to send. Ive spotted the message. I remember now. Sorry! Im so forgetful these days.
    Its so much easier at a hotel isnt it?
    How many bridesmaids?
    Is Maisy going 5 aft a week?
  • having maisy and my sister as bridesmaids
    my dress is ivory & black maisy wearing ivory and sis wearing black and ivory.
    yes shes in nursery 5 times a week..
    going to bed now
    speak soon keep in touch
    ([email protected])
    luv rachxx
  • wow, sounds great.
    Hopefully catch up again soon
    Take care
    Kas xx
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