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Signing over parental rights

Hi all, i want my daughters father to sign over parental rights, hes is not really bothered about her more bothered about us and i cant even say hes a bad father becuase he has never been any sort of father thou i fear he may try to get sum sort of custody to upset me as he knows i couldnt part with her, this would not be safe for her as he dosnt even no the first thing or care so if he signs them over hes out of our lives and we will have peace of mind about it. How would i go about it? thanks


  • hi hun i have absolutly no idea but maybe contact the cab xxx
  • I agree see the CAB and i'm sure as its a legal document you will need a solicitor at some stage.

    best of luck

  • Hi, you cannot give up parental responsibilty even if you and your ex both agree I'm afraid.

    If someone (a new partner of yours) is willing to adopt your daughter and be father to her then that process would mean BOTH of you adopting her (not sure why YOU have to as you are already her Mother!! but its the law) and your ex would have to sign his permission, this would involve solicitors and more than likely court if he disagrees.

    Sorry, I'm sure its not the news you wanted. I am going through lots of hassle myself, with my own ex over my 7 year old, and also through my Husbands ex wife for their 5 year old son!

    After his ex and her fiancee asked to adopt the boy, my hubby took a year to decide and eventually agreed it was best as he was not in his life much and his son already called the other man Daddy and had a new Sister.

    They have since found out that its a long lengthy process and will cost them money to adopt so have decided they cant be bothered now! They been pressuring my Husband to agree to change the boys name by Deedpoll instead. As the silly MOO has been telling everyone the boys name is changed already!

    However they are not prepared to financially support him nor have even set a date to be married as they cant afford it. My hubby gives his ex ??50 a week through a private agreement and always has, Since he's said no to the Deedpoll - she has reported him to the CSA as she wants MORE money.

    So just to warn you, things get nasty over children, even if your ex has not shown any interest before, dont be surprised if he suddenly sticks the boot in!

    I would go to a solicitor thats specialises in family law as they normally give the first chat for free to let you know where you stand. Theres bugger all the CAB can do! apart from advise you where to go - and that will be a solicitor!
    Good luck
    Emma xxxxxx
  • My partner is going through a similar thing with his ex over there 2 year old son. Only her parents are the root cause of all the hassle, her dad wants his surname changed to his, so he feels asthough his surname is carried down throught the generations,

    In the end his ex took him to court, saying that he was a bad father, that the child always came back with bruises, she even made an alagation of sexual assult against him and told everyone he was a drug dealer which she later changed her mind about at the last minute.

    Because she couldnt get my partner to agree to walk away from there child permantly, she called the CSA and said that my partner had never paid a penny towards his child, when he had been paying around ??40 in a private arrangement also, so my partner is know paying ??235 a month in back dated payments to CSA as he can not prove he paid for his son.

    My partners ex is trying to keep my partner away from there child. After being in and out court and having supervised acces for only 2 hours everyother week, my partner was ready to give up thankfully he didnt and six months later he has access to his son.

    A solicitor is the best bet, it always gets heated when a child is involved. x
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