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why are people so unsupportive!!!!!

sorry to ramble guys but need 2 let off steam!!!

a few months ago i posted on here that i had become a single mom 4 the second time whilst pregnant as my bf had got sent to prison. im now 5 months gne and i live in a studio flat with a toddler at the min. ive been desperatly saving for a deposit for a house so we wil have plenty of space when the baby comes to me this seems like common sense but apparently all my family think im wasting my time and money!!! whats the deal? why can they be happy for me and respect me decision that i want to move MY family to a bigger more convieient home? please feel free to say if im being hormonal!!! x..x


  • Not at all! Good for you and keep saving!! I'm in a 2 bed flat with one daughter and 2nd on the way, and there's no way it's big enough so it would drive me mad being in a studio! Definitely not a waste of money!! xxx
  • Sounds like your doing a great job by you and your family!!! It could be jealousy at how well you cope/provide for your own, or it could be them simply being unreasonable, either way, don't let it hold you back!!! Good luck with the move x x
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