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Need serious help

I have a four year old and am twenty i am also nearly eleven weeks pregnant with my second. I am in contact with the father but recently have been pressured alot by him and his mum. his mum has said it isnt right that i havent moved him in and that its not right to have his child without him living with me. I raised my son without his father so i dont believe this but have both of them on at me and know if i move him in i will resent him and might end up hating him when i dont want to do that he wants to come to the scan and seems interested in the baby but is this a ploy to get me to give in. please help and tel me what i can do im under so much stress!


  • Ok hun, breathe! If you don't want him to move in with you then that is the end of it. He can't move in without you wanting him to. It isn't fair for anyone to put any stress on a pregnant woman, so you are just going to have to tell them straight.

    Are you still with the father? Sorry for asking, its just in your post it seems as though you are simply in contact with him but not together. If that is the case then what on earth is he thinking, wanting to move in when you aren't together and you obviously don't want him to move in. If you both agreed then it would be a different matter.

    If it is a ploy for you to give in then let him think that. You know you aren't going to give in so him being involved with his own child, which he should want to do anyway regardless of whether you are likely to give in or not, can only be a good thing. I split with my LO's father when I was pregnant and I kept thinking he was only showing an interest because he wanted us to get back together, but I just thought 'let him think that. He needs to be around for his child so think what you like'.

    I hope this has helped and hasn't just been a ramble. I know it is easy to say, but try not to get stressed over this or anything. Hope everything works out and hope your scan goes well. Don't let this stop you from looking forward to the arrival of your new baby. It is such an exciting time so enjoy it as much as you can xx
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