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how is everyone doing??

hi girls its really quiet in here so i thought i would start a post so everyone can post what they are up 2???

summer turned 1 last week so i threw a big in the night garden party for her,she loved it (i hope lol).

i went back to work this week and i hate it, i just miss summer soooo much when im there!

im not talking to summers dad anymore, no point it just ends up in an arguement, if he needs to ask anything about summer he txt's me, but that doesnt happen often coz he hardly sees her, which suits me tbh!!

hope ur all well xxx


  • its sad isnt it that these men would rather go out with their mates get drunk etc etc than see their kids or spend the money on their kids, oh well its their loss!! i hope it doesnt happen to u tho hun, i'd much rather be friends with kirk but its just impossible right now, which is a shame xxx
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