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hi girls.

just wondering if your ex's sees your lo, when are they seeing the lo's at xmas??

i just know im gonna have major arguements over this with kirk!!

my problem is my ex's family are all VERY big drinkers esp at xmas, birthdays etc but they arent happy drunks they all get very arguementative (sp) and are all pretty nasty tbh so i would really rather kirk didnt see summer until the 27th so they can drink and fight eachother and do whatever and then sober up and have summer then but i know kirk is trying to get boxing day off work so he can have summer (ive never said anything about boxing day tho, he has just prosumed)

so i was just wondering what it "normal" for xmas arrangements??


  • hi

    me ex see's my oldest child from boxing day then for at least a few days but I do trust that she is in good hands, it has been this way for years. But if I were in your shoes and my ex's family were big drinkers then I would be thinking twice. Ask now what he thinks is going to happen over xmas then it gives you plenty of time to thrash out details. If he does insist on having Summer on Boxing day then tell him that you want her back at tea time or boxing day doesnt happen. Remeber that you are well within your rights to tell him that he cant have her until the 27th as you dont like his family drinking around her and Im sure if you seeked legal advcie then they would surley back you. Find out now tho as it will spoil your xmas if you leave it too late. Hope it goes well!!!
  • hiya, riley is only 9weeks old and although rileys dad has never even met riley, if the situation was different i would be saying that he can only see his son over xmas at my house for a few hours but that is because i wouldnt trust my ex or his family to keep him safe. if you have any doubts i would suggest this, if he goes off then thats his problem. remember xmas is a happy time for LO and not one that means your child will be exposed to drinking and arguments. not only that but i have seen first hand that those kind of people think its hilarious to put babies dummies in beer to see their reaction and such. saw this in a pub once and it made me realize that i would never let riley be involved with people who are big drinkers.
  • I have christmas eve, day and boxing day off (so I have to work NYE but don't mind that - NYE is shit anyway) but my ex's family always have big party/gathering type things on xmas eve and boxing day (as it's his sisters birthday on xmas eve) so looks like I'll hardly see lo. I will be welcome to go with them but I just feel so bloody awkward around them. Hopefully the ex will not want lo on xmas eve. I am going round to his on xmas day morning so Gabe can open his presents with family around him as Gabe's v. close to the ex's family. I'll hang around there like a lemon for a bit i expect, then drive 30 mins to my dad's for dinner, leave lo with my ex. I don't mind that as at least will have dinner in peace!!! But I do know what you mean; xmas is going to be totally disjointed and most likely rubbish for all of us. Esp as ex's dad is hinting that I won't be spending enough on lo. (I'm setting ??50 budget, dont think this is unreasonable). Argh. yes, the less time I spend with my ex, the better basically. Could you go with Summer on boxing day?? I might go to the ex's on boxing day as his cousin always goes and she was one of my best mates (met him thru her) we can have a laugh then i wont feel awkward xxxx
  • ive also set a budget of ??50 for summer this year thats deffo not unreasonable!! lol

    i cant go to kirks as he lives with his mum and we would probably kill each other if we were in the same room!! im just gonna tell kirk he can have summer xmas eve until 4pm and the 27th all day and over night if he doesnt like tough im not letting summer go there when they will all be drunk nutters and not looking after her properly!
    kirk hasnt brought it up since so i dont know weather to leave it or txt him?? i might txt him over the weekend if he doesnt say anything on friday when he picks summer up....
  • I am wondering that 2 I think you are being fair Boxing day is better than Christmas day. I dread this. Luke is nearly 13 weeks old and if you guys remember my story my hubby left us when I was 37 weeks pregnant and has been nasty most of the time since. I dread it when he asks to see or have Luke on Christmas Day. I don't know what will happen this year yet Luke and I are going to my mums over christmas.

  • well we have got it all sorted, he is seeing summer boxing day and having her over night but has promised me that it will only be him his mum and sister and NONE of them will be drinking at all. so kinda have no choice but to believe him!! thats the only time he is seeing summer over xmas which suits me tbh! he did try to get me to let him have her xmas day morning but i just put my foot down and said no way!
    ive just been really naughty and logged into his account and he recently has brought 3 new playstaion 3 games which cost ??80..... nothing changes!! lol
  • I'm working boxing day this yr unfortunatly but chris is havin jason from about 4.30 christmas day n over night thru 2 boxing day night till i fin work.
    we only split last week so it's pretty easy this yr, subsequent years might be more awkward coz i'd like to take jason dwon to see his great grandparents n they live 300miles away which could cause some arguments!!
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