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  • Hi i was told the same thing and i move into a hostel i already had a child i really didnt want to but was only way i thought i could get a house. And was living in it for 3months and was getting nowere closer to getting a house i had been on the council waiting list for a year and half but nothing so i moved to my parents and after living with them for a month because we was over crowed i got put to top of list and got a house the month after. If i was you i would stay were you are now you would have more of a chance of them helping you and hostels are horrible. where are you from?

  • Hi,
    I had to move out of my parents very quickly last Jan, due to them moving my abusive brother in. I went to the council, and reg as homeless but was not offered the hostel. However after a few months of living with friends etc, I was contacted by the local housing ass. I now have a wounderfull first floor bed south facing flat, which is only one bed and I have to move once Ive had the baby.
    If I was you I would reg with the council, been preg gives you 60 points, family friends in the area you want to live in gives you another 30 points, once you've had the baby you will get another 30 points and with been single you will get another 20 points. You need to be around 250 points.
    If you log onto housing ass for your area it will give you a list off all the ones, get the forms and start filling them out.
    if you need any help let me know
  • Hi i think its diff in diff areas because i didnt get points or anything like that.

  • Same thing happened to me and i stayed with my dad...luckily he wasvery understanding and let me stay as long as i needed. As I work for the police (well, did!) The council seemed to tell me everything! They told me that If I was able to stay at home till near due date I should because its not nice going into a hostel and then when they house you its not in a nice area and youll get shit accomodation (might be different in different areas) Anyway down here there arent any council places, its all run by housing accosiation and because I went privately through the council (they still pay my rent, up to ??675pm) Ive now got a lovely little two bedroom house with a lovely little garden. I was very lucky. I would say if your able to stay at home until nearer your due date, in the long run you will be alot happier. good luck
  • thanks for your posts ladies. im in tower hamlets area of london so im not sure if the same applys, but im gona have a look and see.
  • i've been telling the council since october that im going to be homeless and they have done absolutely nothing. not been offered a hostel. we now have 6 days to get out and 7 days til my sons 1st birthday and bexley council just tell me something different everytime i go there and sit there for 2 hours just t be spoken to like a piece of crap. i've been on the housing list for a year and nothing has changed.

    what i dont understand is 5 years ago in the same house with the same number of people my sister was on band 1 of the housing list and i am only on band 4. she wasnt being kicked out and she had somewhere to live before my niece was 9 months so why have things changed so much?!
  • hi hun. we was in a 1 bed 1st floor council flat when i fell pregnant. after i had lo i was told we'd probably wait at least 2 years before being moved to a house but got 1 within 3 months somehow.
    my friend living in a tiny room at her boyfriends oarents house with their baby. the moses basket only just fts down the side of the bed and he needs to move into the cot now but there's nowhere for it.
    while she was pregnant she spoke to the council and they said she couldn't go onto the list until the baby was born then would be housed straight away due to the overcrowding...but now lo's 3 months old they are being told they are 127th on the list and will be waiting at least 18 months!!!
    i think i got my house by accident and was somehow wrongly put to the top of the list....but i won't complain.
    i've split from my lo's dad now and i get to stay in the house as i'm obviously the main carer of our lo, so he's gone back to his mums.
    good luck everyone with getting somewhere of your own soon. fingers crssed for you all.
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