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Single Mum Forever!!!

Hi im just hasving a down day or two i think,but i just thought i would post my concerns and see what happens..everyone on here is usually so supportive and have some good words of advice so here goes!...
Im 30 and a single mum to my son whose 11mths,love him to bits and he makes my life complete but now and again i start to worry will i meet someone?have another child one day?(i would like to)i know most people have these thoughts,i sometimes feel like time is slipping away...
Im happy me and my babies dad are no longer together and hes proven how useless he is in my eyes anywyay,no with a girl who has 3 kids already!he pays nothing towards his son and sees him at his mums house once a week for 4hrs...Im happy hes in a relationship because it means he is leaving me alone...but feel he isnt doing enough for his own child!
I am kinda seeing this guy whom ive known for 3yrs,he really is lovely,lives in London though so only get to see each other every other weekend which works out ok really as im not 100% sure about things between us!he is lovely with my little boy and understands my situation well as his sister was in a very similar one to me...i also know he really cares about me!sounds ideal doesnt it?it would be but i just dont feel he is the one,or will ever be and this saddens me because i dont want to end up alone yet again but at the same time dont want to hurt him or lead him on,i have talked to him and he knows how things lie and is very understanding which kinda makes it all worse lol!
i know i shouldnt stay with someone if its not working through fear of being alone....maybe i just want some words of wisdom and/or stories from others who have been there,are there?
its so lonely at times i dont go out much and am slowly losing all my friends and its crap,how can i meet someone if i dont go out????
cant really talk to anyone else as they all really like this London guy and think im being silly,maybe stronger feelings will develope in time?!
I dont want to end up like some people i know who are in their late fourties and single,never being lucky in love,i want a loving secure relationship,marriage and more kids!
arghhh it will probably happen but its the wait that im struggling with,that and just feeling alone most of the time!i hope all this will change,but know i have to help it!
rambling and its not really a huge problem but i feel crap with it all and soooo lonely and miserable.its like im clinging on to this guy for that reason but that makes me feel even more so!


  • oh hunny. trust me you are not alone.
    i'm 25 in a couple of weeks and often feel the same.
    from the way you first started describing your new do actually really like him more than you realise, i think your just scared of trusting and letting another man into your life.
    maybe if you could get a babysitter, even just once a month, and go out with him you will get that quality time away from home life, which is probably what you need, or go out with friends to keep in contact.
    i have found that since having rhianna i started losing contact with friends as i never went out, and whenever i had babysitters we took the opportunity to have us time and neglected friends, but since we split, i have been spending the time with friends which has been great, and i have made some new friends too which is really nice.
    you won't be alone forever, sounds like you've already met a gem, he's good with your lo and understands your couldn't really ask for more.
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