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newly single with two kids and still living with their dad

my title says it all, is there anyone else out there in the same places as me? hope you ladies are well x


  • Not in the same position but noticed no one had replied to this. Is there a plan for your ex to move out or are you moving out yourself? Personally I split with my ex while I was pregnant so as difficult as it can be on your own, I had it from day one and have got into my own routine. I couldn't imagine having someone there to help out and for support and then going to doing it on your own, but I know someone who has done that, in fact I know a couple of people who have, and some of them said it was easier! Especially if you weren't getting on etc. Don't know if this message sounds all doom and gloom, sorry if it does. I personally think going it alone was definitely the easier option for me. How do you feel about the split? x
  • yep i have just found myself in this situation i found out my husband was cheating yesterday my post is in support forum and he doesnt know i know yet but i am leaving tomorrow so gues he will know tomorrow night when he gets back from work after i have left my girls at my parents im sorry you are going through this why are men so awfall
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