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Really confused and a bit scared!


Just looking for some advise.
I split with my husband in April and it was amicable, we have a business together and were going to continue to work together but then things got nasty and he said he did not want to work with me.
I have since been to a solicitor and told him I will leave the business and claim what I can to live on but I am not sure what this is, I have tried phoning so many different places but no one seems to be able to tell me what I am entitled to, I am worried I will not be able to get by, I am lucky and own my own house but still have to cover all the bills etc.
To make matters worse he has just told me he wants me back, there is no way after the way he has behaved lately, he cheated 2 weeks after we married (4 years ago) and has been with someone else since we split and his whole attitude has been quite aggresive, I have no love left for him and would never go back but feel as if I may have to stay working with him which I so do not want to do.
Can anyone tell me what I am entitled to?


  • hey hun,

    please dont go back to ur ex just coz of bills etc. thats what kept me with my ex for the 1st 7 months of my daughters life and that was sooo wrong, she became a different baby once i kicked him out!
    there is a web-site u can go on and put in all ur details and it tells u exactly what ur entitled to i think its called or maybe .com but google it to get the correct address. honestly i was suprised what i could claim.

    good luck xxx
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