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Single and miserable... :(

Hi Ladies.

I'm 27yrs old and i'm 21+4weeks with my first child. Found out i'm having a little boy...can't wait for him to get here!!
My problem is, my babys dad.. image We split up when I was 9weeks, we're still in contact but hardly at all. He doesn't contact me to see how baby is, but he does think it's my job to tell him.. He said it'd be nice for me to ring him to let him know how baby is doing and when he is moving around and would like to feel baby movng and kicking and stuff..although the thought of him touching me at all makes my flesh crawl..
He is buying loads of stuff for baby to keep at his house, he's talked about getting a room sorted for a nursery and all sorts. It has relly frightened me...I got awful thought running through my head that he going to take baby from hospital when he's born.. image i'm so so scared. I've had two scares whilst pregnant already, I bled out at 13weeks which really scared me. He started moving at 15weeks, and did so all day every day until 2days before 17 weeks. He didn't move again until 19+1weeks. I had to go to the midwife to check his heartbeat because I thought for the second time in the first half of my pregnancy that I had lost my baby. I've cried so so so much, i'm so frightened about losing my boy that i'm seriously considering just leaving...packing up and going. I managed to get an appointment with the doctor for how I feel, but i'm scared about what he'll say.
Sorry ladies but this is my last resort. And i've found that writing stuff down make me feel a bit better.
xxx adele and bump xxx
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