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I still miss him!


I feel so stupid a few weeks ago i confronted my ex bf about the fact that i had been looking at his emails and he went mental (i know i shouldn't have done it!) but i did find things he was registered to dating websites and asking people if they wanted sex and emailing one of his ex's alot and talking about sex and slagging me off he said that he considered himself as single so didn't think he was doing anything wrong (he considered himself as single because as far as he was aware we were only trying to make it work and see if things could work for the baby as we have been on and off for the last 3 years) he told me at the time that i had ruined everything by looking at his emails and that he would never love me again or forgive me for what i have done! But he still wants to see me for sexual favours (is the only way I can think to put it) but says that it doesn't change anything and that as far as he is concerned he will always hate me but he told me the other week that although me looking at his emails was the nail in the coffin he was already coming to the decision that he didn't want to be with me as we always row! He makes out that the 3 years we had been together were awful and that he was a saint to put up with me but he was telling me that he wanted to marry me and asked my parents on a hoilday so i can't have been that bad but i also don't think that i could have been that bad as i just don't remember it as he does!

He has now gone and told all of his friends that know me aswell that i am a pshyco and made out that he is the poor hard dum by one that has been treated so badly and slags me off to them all the time!
Also when he sees me he goes on about how now he is the worlds worst catch and that he is going to have a vacectomy (sorry can't spell it) because he doesn't want to have kids with seperate mothers and becuase my parents hate him (i live with them atm) they are making things so hard and as far as he is concerned it is all a horrible situtaion for him and has gone around telling everyone that i am horrible! He told me that becuase of how hard it is going to be he is not even sure he wants me to have the baby anymore so i told him that an abortion wasn't an option for me so he said that he will have to accept the situation as it is! He has banned me from going anywhere near his work and i am not allowed to speak to anyone he knows!

The stupid thing is that i do still miss him and love him and wish that we could be together even tho i know what he is like but there is just something in me that misses him and loves him and the idea of never being with him again kills me and the idea of him being with somebody else hurts so much although i think he has already slept with someone else as he told me the last time that he saw me that someone he knows (he works in a bar) had told him that she wanted sex with him!

I just don't know what to do i miss him so much even tho i know i shouldn't and i am pissing my family off because they all think he is horrible and can't understand why i still love him!

Somebody please help just need some advice of how to handle all of this!

Cheers x


  • Reading your situation has made my blood boil! You ex sounds like a revolting nasty piece of work and i dont blame your parents for making it hard for him! If he was my ex he probably wouldn't be walking. Please dont waste your energy wanting/loving/missing this vile boy, you will be better off on your own. Get all the support you can from family & friends and go it alone- I would rather bring up my child alone than be with someone who treats you like shit. Dont ever give him a second chance- if he is so nasty to you now he's unlikely to change that towards you. Dont lose you dignity by giving it away in the hope he will come back because he wont- his got you exactly where he wants you. Instead get on with your life and you will look back one day and see him for what he is- scum.
  • I have to agree...right now your feelings for him are leaning towards love and you long for him to come back!but in time these will fade and just like shomax said you will then see him for what he is!I hope you have the strenght to do this alone and show him and your parents you can do this without him!!!!it will be worth it and you will in time feel better and look back and know you did the right thing!if you give into him,maybe you will get back together but i doubt it will sure you do too!and you will of just wasted more time,effort and tears on this boy who frankly isnt worth it!!!
    Ive been there and thankfully now im well rid...was a single mum for awhile and to be honest i loved it,it can be hard work but if you have support from your family and friends this helps alot...but i honestly dont think its that bad at all,and you can manage better this way i reckon then having your ex in your life upsetting you again!
    Im now in a new relationship and i am so glad its not with my ex...some people wont change or just need to do a hell of a lot of growing up...why wait for them??
    All the best x
  • It's good your with your parents who will help protect you I'll try my best to comfort you OK. Love you lots Rob xx :roll:
  • Why wld anyone leave wakkierob. Mate if all men were as understanding as you, we would be sorted xxxx
  • sorry 2 hear bout dis try n 4get him u r beta off than him. i no easier sed cos u hav a kid but focus on ur kid n try 2 4got him. wil try n giv u d support i can jus let me no
  • If you need some help moving on - -you may want to try this site girls date for free . com
  • i looked at this site and it charges u lol
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