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Is anyone else finding it hard this time of year??

Hi everyone

I'm new to this forum. i split from my ex a month ago. i have two boys who r two and 11 months.

I am really down. i was ok over xmas cos i had my family but i am dreading new year. i am so mad cos he gets to go out to a party but i have to stay in cos i have the boys. i'd kill for a night out. Why do they always get off scot free?

So basically wot i am saying is that i am dreading new years eve and sinces yesterday afternoon i have been so so down. i cant shake it. and i am taking it out on my boys and its not fair on them and i feel so bad. What is everyone else doing new year? anyone going to bed at 8pm like me??

none of my friends or family have even offered to come round for a take away and a couple of drinks. I feel so alone image


  • new year is overrated anyway!!

    not thats helping to make you feel better i know.

    Have you mentioned to any of your friends that your feeling down because of this? I'm sure if you did they would offer to spend the evening with you.. or could family not babysit for the night? not every1 goes out for nye - some1 might be willing to watch the kids....

    whatever you do on wed night i hope your feeling better about things. x
  • Hey, i will also be spending it alone, i broke up with my oh about 6 weeks ago, we have a 14month old daughter and im 35 weeks pregnant with our 2nd daughter, i havent spoke to him for a goood few days as wen he got paid he jus ignored our daughter, didnt give me rent money ( we got this house togethrr and i cnt afford the rent on my own while im not working, i cant move till my tennancy runs out in march)
    So i told him i wasnt having him treat daisy like she dnt matter.
    He hast bothered anyway. Idiot.
    I will also be in bed by 8pm =] hehe xx
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