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guess i am joinin you all

hi, i am kelly and i am 26yrs old... i have 2 children with my youngest being 11wks old. my husband has walked out of our marriage and there is certainly no way of getting tht back.

he has been telling ppl we are goin thru a divorce wen i thought we were happily married etc.. also i found tht he has been telling other girls he loves them and they love him... if tht makes sense...

i knew things werent goin right wen he started being really distant and basically ignorin me...

i was a single mum for 6yrs with my daughter... split with her biological dad wen i was 9wks pg and met my hubby wen she was 5yrs.... and now i am facing the prospect of history repeating itself... i am jst sad tht he has decided to end our marriage after 7mths... he knows how i feel but he says he has no feelings for me at all... i aint got a clue as to what to do jst yet as atm, i am staying with him mum til i find a place of my own... all my dreams and plans have gone up in smoke and he blames me for everythin tht has gone wrong. what makes it worse is i was diagnosed with post natal depression over two weeks ago and guess wot, he blames tht on me too... its all my fault i have PND - he dnt see how he contributes to my depression... right now, as much as i still love him, i hate him...

the sooner i get my own place, the better


  • aww hun, im sorry to hear that
    im 36+4 weeks with my first baby, and my babys dad left me at 4 months pregnant.
    since we split contact was very on and off but at the beginning of arpil he sent me a letter making his intentions quite clear that he wants nothing to do with me or baby, i do secretly hope he doesnt mean it and was angrey and will want to see our baby when he arrives, but we will see
    i was living with him when we where together, so i too had to live with my mum for a bit after we split, i moved out into tempory accomodation and just last week moved into my proper house for me and baby, and it doe sfeel so so much better when you move and you know you have somewhere of your own
    he also blames me for our break-up, and it was all my fault, but im 99% sure he was seeing some one else, and now we have broken up he is still seeing her!
    i know what you mean, i love my babys dad but omg i hate him so much too, i hate that he just threw me out of where i lived with him with a complete disregard for where i would raise our child, but like i said, i was able to sort my self out
    i hope everything works out for you and your getting all the help and support you need regarding your PND!
    im sure things will work out, for both of us, keep your chin up and focus on your two children, its my baby thats getting me thru it x
  • Its hard my hubby left me for his childhood sweetheart after 16 months of marriage and I was 37 weeks pregnant with our baby. Luke is now 8 months and we are getting divorced, not heard or seen him in 7 weeks.

    I know how you feel its very hard but you will cope we do because you have to.

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