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is it ok to still have fellings for him???

Im 23, single and 16 weeks pregnant.

me and my ex ended our relationship when i told him i was pregnant.
he became really horrible saying there was only 1 option that i had to choose from and that was to have an abortion, this was not an option for me and i made this very clear, so we decided to go our seperate ways. basicly i had to choose either keep the baby and loose him or choose him and get rid (as he put it).

all was fine for about a month, thats when he turned phsyco, calling me a slg, how its not his and his friends can bk him up! he also called me some nasty thing that i cant write on here as they re that horrible.

i hated him (and still do) for being so nasty, but recently ive been missing him and getting really upset with myself bacause i love him,
how can i love a man that doesnt want anthing to do with me and has said such nasty things??

y do i feel this way about him?
will these feelings go away?



  • Sorry to hear of your problems, The feelings will go away, i think its only natural to miss your boyfriend, just because he has turned nasty and no longer wants you it doesnt change how you feel. Especially with all the hormones.
    Try to keep positive and think of your new beginning with you and your baby.
    Hate to sound old and practical - but the right man will be out there somewhere... i didnt meet mine until one failed marriage three broken engagements and 3 children later. I then met Mr Right.

    Dont give up and try not to go back for the wrong reasons you are worth more.

    Love Carrie
  • Hiya

    I know how you feel as I am still going through a very similar situtation myself not exactly the same but I still have feelings for my ex he said that he doesn't want to be with me which still really hurts!

    I saw Carrie's reply and I just wanted to ask her how see moved on from her ex's as I just hoped you might be able to give some advice on that??

    Sorry about your situtation again and hope that you can feel better soon!

  • Hi Scared mum, so sorry to hear that your are unhappy, there are no magic solutions unfortunatly. Time is the real healer , it does get better with time. I find it helped to keep busy , make plans to do something every day, gives you less time to think.

    In the early hours of the morning when you have no-one to talk to and when it feels worse i found it helped to keep a journal and write down all my feelings and thoughts, plus it stops those late night pleading texts and phone calls.
    Try turning your phone off at night as well.

    Good Luck, if i can help in any way just leave a message for me.

    It will get better though

    Love Carrie
  • thanx carrie.
    im so glad to hear that these feelings are ok, and hopefully with some time they'll start to ease off.

    as for finding the right man, thats along way off lol, right now its all about me and my baby.
    im pretty sure this is the end for us so fingers crossed i dont make any rash choices about him.

    and scared mum if u ever want to talk about things, just give me a buzz.

    thanx again xx

  • Hi guys I have to ask how you can be so strong?
    I am 24 weeks and my ex keeps telling me that he never wants to be withme again and I am pretty sure that he has got a girlfriend but for a while he was still asking for sex or other things and because I thought that it might mean he wanted me back I did agreed to it but now I feel so stupid and really just can't see myself with anyone else and it hurts so much and I keep hoping that it will work out like a fairy tale or something and he will love me again which I know is stupid but I just don't know how to move on????
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