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weeping my eyes out cos it hurts soooo much

helloooo yaallll

my name is stella and am a sigle mommy, my XX walked out on us when my erik was just as tender as 3wks old, can you imagine that level of wickedness?

i had my golden child, erik on 30th sept 2008.
i really dont know why and how to have hold of this situation and live above it rather than always going back to memory lane how this wasnt what i actually saw coming, the building castles in the sky like they say... it hurts sooo much after all the sacrifices and being the best i could possibly be but obviously they were not good enough, its been like a big hit to my life that till date, :cry: i still weep my eyes out even this morning.. but when i look at how my cutie is growing fast and how cute he is, i console myself and keep moving and hoping this drama in my life will end nicely soonest. but one thing i know for sure is that all these men that leave us this heartbroken with broken dreams and all will get the same pain and even more when its pay-day for sure.

well, in helping me deal with my emotions and getting sentimental all over again anytime i see him which i hate myself for , i cook up excuses why he couldnt come over to the house to see my erik and even switch off my phones to stop me from longing to call him or hoping he will call.

please if you are reading this, teach me pls how to cope with this huge pain and heartbreak.....i really dont know how.... pls can anyone show me how to be ontop of this instead of being under really?

thanks lots

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  • well personally i put all my energy in my daughter, keep myself busy, go out with her to the park etc and see my family alot. believe me in time it gets easier xxx
  • i know how much it hurts. i was 38 weeks pregnant when my ex left and i was heartbroken, so depressed i couldnt even face leaving the house. My Little girl is 9 months old now and i am back at work part time and living with my parents. I know how hard it is to imagine just now but this WILL get better, it takes a long time for a broken heart to heal but slowly you'l start to feel better. I still have nights where i cry myself to sleep but just looking at my daughter smiling and thinking about the troubles other people face in life makes me count my blessings. People lose their children everyday and i have a healthy little girl who needs her mummy to be strong for her. Focus on ways to improve your life for you and your son and you'l get there eventually. He really isnt worth crying over chick xxx
  • omg Its so hard hubby left me at 37 weeks pregnant and our son is now 4 weeks old. Its o hard. I am getting over a c-section and now having to sort house stuff out and claim benefits so that I can stay in the house, I don't work, huuby says he will pay the mortgage. I still love the liying cheating rat bag eventhough he left us for his childhood sweet heart from 32 years ago.

    Rebecca & Luke

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