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Can anyone help me with what benefits / discounts / help that I might be entitled to now I'm a single parent please?
Thank you.


  • hi tracey,
    i think it will depend on whether your ex will be giving you money and also if you work, when i wasn't working i was on income support and i got child tax credit too. i got free prscriptions, eye tests etc. also got Healthy Start vouchers which you can use in supermarkets to buy milk, fresh fruit and veg of formula. i also got housing benefit and council tax benefit as i don't own my home. my ex wasn't giving me a penny. apparently you can now get half price bus fares too? that might just be in london
    i'm now working 16 hours a week, he still doesn't pay anything and i get help with child care costs, child tax credit and working tax credit and i do still get some housing and council tax benefits, just not for the full amount as i did before.
    hope some of this is helpful to you, how are you doing anyway?
  • Hi,
    I think Mumof2 covered most of them for you, you can get sure start grant. I spoke to the child / working tax credit people the other day and I can get help working up to 30 hours for child care and to get me back to work after I have had lo.
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