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This forum is dead!!

Hey everyone
I Dont now about any of you but i find night times a bit lonely sometimes when dd is in bed, other single parents must feel the same, so why is this forum so dead??

How is everyone? All ready for xmas?

Sarah 31+2


  • Hi Sarah...Im sat in on my own right now whilst most ppl are out drinking or in with their partners so i know where your coming from,yes it does get lonely and i always check this forum but i too find it abit quiet!!!me and you should make it ours lol...will anyone else join lol!!!!!!!!
    Im not tenchinally single as im with a new bf but me and babies dad have a very strained relationship,we dont even talk!it is tough and i hope one day things inprove but i really cant see that happening!
    I do class myself as a single mum and as he doesnt live locally i am on my own quite alot!!!
    Take care
    Sarah x
  • Hi, it is lonelty of a night sometimes, esp for me atm coz im the other end of liverpool , i moved up here to be with my oh but now weve split hes moved out and im stuck here till my tennancy runs out on march 11th!! which is annoying i hate it.
    my msn is [email protected]
    feel free to add me if u or anyone else wants a chat =]
  • Hi

    I know how you feel i have six kids all varying ages, but when they go to bed its very lonely. My hubby only left on Saturday morning and baby is only 3 weeks old , so still very weepy and incrediably raw.
    Really not good timing 5 days before christmas, really just feel like locking myself in my bedroom and not bothering about christmas , but i have to keep going for the kids, this is my second marriage and i am really beginning to think whats the point.

    Hope your xmas goes well

    Love Carrie
  • Aww Carrie image Hope your ok. Your so strong I really dont know how id cope! You just have to get on living each day as it comes for your kids. Try and have as good of a xmas as possible. You know if you ever need to chat us girlies are here x
  • me too..... recently single. long and incredibly hard story to tell, sure i will on here at some point though as will probably appreciate input from you guys about your thoughts on stuff like contact, maintenance etc in the future, all horribly raw and messy at the moment though! havent had chance to be lonely yet as have beek keeping very busy, but i know that will come and i am not looking forward to it!
  • It is lonely and so hard but time does make things easier for all of us!!!sharing stories and getting advice or words of comfort from others in similar situs also is a great help!!!!!!!!!!!
  • hello Sarah 88, just read thru your story and i can relate to it soo much cos am goingg thru the same as well... hope this drama of loneliness ends as quick as lightning SERIOUS... am up for up and personal chats to be there for eachother... mine is [email protected]
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