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pissed off single mum!

hey! it seems so hard these days to find a man that can handle a kid! my daughter's 9 months. her biological dad said he didn't want to have anything to do with her from the day i told him i'm carrying his baby! now he turned up, after 9 months and after seeing her pics on hi5... he's been miss calling me on different numbers at 11 o clock at night on purpose to check up on me! now cos of his miss calls my bf just dumped me in a huff cos he called yet again! I think i'll stay way away from men from now on! grrrr why r men so stupid at times!!!! I'll stay a single mum that way yas and i won't have these problems


  • hey hun i am louise and i have been a single mum for 3 years now and yeh it's lonely and what i can say about men is that if they don't take on my children then they don't have me and you can say that really nasty but i got to protect my children and bring a new man in their lives will be a big change for them and i got to make sure it's the right one and besides who needs a man when you got your children and the more time you spend with them the closer you will become.

    love louise xxxxxxx
  • hey thanks... i sent that msg in a huff! the prob with this guy is he got way too attached to my girl and that's when problems started.... now i am waiting for him to calm down so we can talk otherwise he can forget us! as long as i have my girl thats all that matters to me!
  • still waiting for him to calm down! i give up on men!
  • Hiya ma unborn babys dad has wanted to be part of his sons life then dnt bother . he hasnt bought him a thing since we split he has let himself go and can barely live on money , i know ma baby deserves beta than this and dwn the line i know ma son will make up his own descision about his dad , but he is the one missin out x
  • hey that was when i was pissed off..... well neither does her dad want anything to do wid her! i drew the line with my ex ages ago..... now i'm happy as i am! i dont need men to bring up my child i can do it alone!
  • my daughters dad has only seen her once... on an internet site.... so much for being a dad.... on the otherhand the ex i broke up with when i posted this.... well he's more in love with her than her biological my mum used to say men are total diff species! anyways i should be sorting everything out soon cos finally my ex and i have talked... and gradually have become friends.... well with or without him i'm fine... and as for her biological dad... well he'll get his comeuppance when yas asks me who her real dad is...
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