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Anything good about being a single mum?

This place is negative, doom and gloom grumpsville... I'd like to talk to other single mums but I read a few posts here and feel rubbish tbh.

Wasn't my intention to be a single parent to be but I am and I made that choice after deciding I'd rather give my baby a focused and positive environment rather than chasing a father who isn't going to be committed and add to my parental pressures through a lack of commitment to me and bubs.

Anyone want to cite the joys of parenthood?


  • Hi!
    I was really dreading becoming a single parent (split with oh when i was 28wks) but since my son was born 6wks ago im so happy! His "father" is a nob tbh and ive realised its so much better this way than with him around! Plus you get to make all the decisions you feel strongly about without consulting him. Dont get me wrong, there are days when i feel sentimental and wish we were still together as a family but i honestly couldnt have hoped to feel happier than i do now. My ex is a lousy father to his other child, and he was never good enough for me and certainly not my baby! Sorry to ramble, but yeah, being a single parent is tough, but overall fantastic!! xx
  • Hurrah! Congrats on the baby, I wish you every success and thanks for a positive voice!
  • Thanx! So yeah i think its def better to do without men like them. Unfortunately my ex still wants to see my son, i really wish he wasnt bothered. Pumpkin8, how old is your lo? xx
  • Hi just gate crashing. I have been a single parent (My husband desided at 34 weeks he wasn't ready to be a dad and we haven't seen or heard from him since! 13 years!) now i have 2 Lo's with hubby2 and another on the way! But i have to say I was a single parent for 6 1/2 years and i sometimes feel it was far easier to be a single mom! there is no one to answer too! you do what feels best for you and LO! you have only yourself and LO to look after! you have no one moaning the baby has kept them awake! etc
    Its not easy being a single mom but there are a lot of positives!! Its hard but try to enjoy it and take advantage of family, friends and mom and baby groups etc!
    You should feel proud as you are raising a happy baby all by yourself!! x
  • well said vix....x
  • well said vix....x
  • helloooo Angel VIXX ,

    waoh girl you ROCK!! my baby is also 7months like your baby and XX left when my baby was just 2wks old.... wat an idiot!!! who blamed me for all the hormonal changes during pregnancy which i couldnt have helped and even blamed me for bleeding one time during my pregnancy as if i wanted and enjoyed it...... just like you my baby wouldnt have been this happy, smily and playful if XX was around for sure.... no more arguments, loud voices, shouting and mom crying afterall that.... am proud of you for finally putting this under your wings... am still battling
  • can i just say i love everything about being a single mum!!! love the fact I have taught summer to roll over, sit up, eat, drink through a straw, eat finger foods, take her 1st steps, clap her hands, wave goodbye, and everything else!! ok so she may have done some of those things herself but u get what i mean lol. im proud of myself for having the strength to kick her dad out and bring summer up myself, it was the best thing i ever did!!!

    single mums are heros, and u are all fantasic mummies!!
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