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whose the dad

i was in a silly relationship and had a night of passion with my ex boyfriend which no one knows about. Then at the weekend after a few drinks i ended up sleeping with a friend which had seual tension and we just gave in. i hadnt really been sleeping with my boyfriend and all this happened within the same week. Iv just found out im pregnant. and conception was around this time. I had been on the pill but had had kidney infections and missed a couple of days of my pill. how will i know who the father is? will my 1st scan help me to back date to who it is??? I dont think i can wait 9 months to find out who the father is. Makes me sound really bad but i just wasnt happy and went about it all the wrong way. Now im in a real mess. i dont need blamed or any more stress. just helpful and useful advise


  • i really dont no what to say hun u should of been more carefull i know that doesnt help but there is a little baby involved now and u hav just got to make the most of what has happend just wait and see when your scan happens cos that should tell u but thats only if its a couple of weeks or so wen u sleped with the otherperson cos if it was days apart u wont no unless u wait to do a dna test xx
  • hi hun thought id reply as i'm having an issue with this too... here goes...

    i slept with my male friend who id just started seeing and used a Condom and about week and a half later/2 weeks i stupidly had sex with my ex boyfriend who i was still in love with and we did not use protection BUT i did go and get the morning after pill literally 12 hrs after. Im Having a DNA test to be sure its the only way to know for sure.

    You can have DNA tests done when they are in the womb but carries a chance of miscarriage so not worth it in my opinion but each to their own. Dont worry about being judged im sure people wont nobody plan these things. Good Luck let us know how you get on xx
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