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Feeling guilty.

I'm a very newly single mum oh left this weekend. Since then lo is really unsettled, not sleeping very well and usually a great sleeper and keeps crying for Daddy. He's only 16 months so obviously not at an age where he can understand things. I just feel so awful when he's going from room to room calling daddy then cries when he can't find him. He was a real daddy's boy and as he got made redundant in Jan he was used to having him around all the time. It was always him that put him to bed etyc as I work evenings.
Sorry if this seems pretty rambled heads bit all over the place still but just needed to write stuff down as not really got anyone to talk to bout it all :lol:

bec x


  • Sorry to hear about your recent spilt Bec.Im also sorry that your lo is finding it tough and upsetting not being able to understand where his daddy is.
    That must make it even harder for you,but you must not feel guilty,I dont know the reasons for your spilt but if you were not happy together this is the best outcome and will all settle down in time and im sure your lo will not remember.
    Its just a big change for a little head to deal with,all I can suggest is gve him extra cuddles and maybe try and distract him when he goes will get better x
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