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  • hi hun,

    im kinda in a simular situation im 28 and my daughter is 19 months old. im forunate enough to have my own place tho.
    im not looking for a guy or interested in one at all, it is hard at times i never thought summer would be an only child but i now realise that she will be im just concentrating on us so im quitting my job and going back to college to re-train so that when summers at school i can go back to work qualified so we can have a better life.
    i dont have any friends close by who i can invite over or meet up with, none of my friends even have kids!! i go and stay with my mum once a week so i can see my friends tho and im lucky that they dote on summer!

    if i was u i would go back to uni and concentrate on getting ur degree and if u meet someone u want to settle down with fantansic! but if u dont its ok coz ur providing a brill future for u and maddie.

    i often have one sided conversations with summer, i think she must think im mad lol!

    good luck hun, you will be fine xx
  • thanks ladies... I think I will definitely do uni etc and concentrate on maddie, Im sure I would regret it if I spent all my time working so that we could live in our own house.
    I'm also doing driving lessons so hopefully in the next couple months will be able to have a little more freedom.

    Just had one of those days where I wondered why I wasn't able to live on my own when so many single mothers do. And feeling lonely. But feeling better today... thanks for your kind words image xxxxx
  • glad ur feeling better x
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