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would let him see my baby

hi ibriefly touched on what happened to me last week i had to have a meeting with the prick last night as he owes me a lot of money and as we now have no contact numbers for him i had to ring asda and pretend that i was the mid wife and that i was in was sick to hear him and all his work mates saying yeahhh i am a daddy like he deserves that title as this is the second child he has walked out on.anyways i kept calm got told he left me on the tuesday and moved in with her on the wednesday.he even had the cheek to tell me this deborah is not happy that i am pregnant :lol:.i then asked what he thought he was going to do and get out of this baby and i was t:lolimageld he would like to come on the ward to see him and then after have visits i told him in no nice way where to go.i was then offered his new mobile number aslong:lol: as i didint abuse it that was he just wanted me to send pictures of my baby so he could show his mates.because i am now on benefits the csa money will have to go throught the books but i was asked if i could not do that and take 120 a month.i just laughed and said you done that to the last son and when you got bored you canceled the standing order.i never want him near this baby i am having a hard time thinking how i am going to bond with him the way i feel is when it comes out is its mine at the moment he put it there and i feel dirty.:cry:i dont want him to ever see him but i am worried i will be taken to court over it and have all this heart ache again.:cry::cry:


  • i just find it hard to think of letting think he got the right to be called daddy and play daddy with him i worry as well that he will be playing happy familys with this new woman with my son,or the next new one woman that he finds.:\?she has already said she dont like the fact i am pregnant so how would she treat my son if she cant accept him before being born.:\(
  • Hi Hannah.
    I wouldnt worry to much about what hes doing with this other woman,maybe they wont even be together by the time your lo is here!you should just be glad your not the one with him now,because he doesnt sound like the sort of man thats worth being with and im sure she too will come to realise this!
    I understand that its a slighty bitter pill to swallow to think of him being all excited about being a dad and playing dad of the yr wigth this other woman...When me and my ex spilt he got with someone else,she had 3 young kids herself!!!!!!!!!!!he used to see his son once a week and the thought of them all being together with him acting like a wonderful dad used to piss me off slighty but tbh then i just forgot about it and got on with my life with my son,sure i got lonely at times but i knew that i was better off without him!!!
    I would not stop him seeing his lo unless you have a good reason,give him the chance to try to be a better dad,but only let him make one mistake!
    My ex isnt with the girl he was seeing anymore(knew it wouldnt last!)and things are tense between us but he sees his son every week even though he doesnt help to support him...this just confirms to me what a waste of time he was/is....he has nothing,living at home with his parents....while i own my home and work to make a better life for my better than him and bloody happy im rid of him me one day you will be too....its hard but try to seperate you and him from him and his lo the better person if it kills you!
  • i spoke to my health visitor and she told me told write a letter to my baby now explaing what happned and my feelings.i also have wrote him a list of 5 things he follows if he wants anything to do with my baby.i stated that the forst time he lets him down or defaults on them i will pull all rights away from underneth him.did you all let them on the birth cert.:\?
  • Just thought I'd let you know that if you put him on the birth cert then it automatically gives him parental rights they changed the law in 2003 so that the father doesn't have to be married to you to get those rights. so he would have a say in where you live (i.e. if you want to move away), what school your lo goes to, religion and medical stuff!! If you don't put him on then he has to apply through the court for a parental rights order and a judge would decide if it should be granted but the father has to provide evidence that he is doing it for the right reasons and show proof that he is committed to the baby and what is best for your lo! Also you don't have to put him on the birth cert to get him to pay csa! Just thought I would let you know all that before you decide what to do! Hope you are doing better xx
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