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Cheesed off with being a Single parent!

Sorry for the moan but its 5.30am and I am a bit cheesed off with being a single parent.
Ok, so I have only been at it for a fortnight or so but I've achieved so much with LO since OH left.
I am really pee'd off that he's missed so much of his life already.
The day OH went I decided in for a penny.... and put LO into his cot in his own room for the first time and generally it's been great, he's been sleeping well. But on those nights he's woken and won't settle I really wish that I had OH here to kick in the shins and tell it's his turn to go an see LO!

I'm tired!
And it's always in the middle of the night that everything seems worse! Why is that!?!?


  • Hi i know how you feel....and its true things always seem worse at silly hrs in the morning!there are times when i really wish some one else was here to lend a hand,like when im in the bath,errr relaxing and litttle man starts crying!lol!but then again there were reasons why me and OH spilt and i am so happier without him and i think this reflects on to my LO as he is the happiest little boy i know and i kinda like being the one here to witness everything on my own makes me feel special lol!we can do so much and so well without are ex partners.....x
  • SarahLou you are so right - I'd give anything to have a 2 hour soak in the bath....!!!
  • I think in the middle of night it feels so much worse and ur just so tired you dont even have the energy to roll out of bed. But for me its been no different, it has always just been me for the last 17 weeks so i just get on with it. I find the worst time is when hes crying and crying and i get so stressed out I just want to go lay down for 5 mins but cant as theres no one else to help out. Just a break for half hour would be fab!
  • Well my lo is finally having a nap so im now going to go and have a shower and get dressed lol!!!!!!!as for the baths well ive given up...standing dripping over los cot isnt much fun lol.also why do they always decide to wake up/cry when you are either making or just about to eat the first forkful of your tea?its all good fun though eh????take care everyone xx
  • Hi girls,
    I'm down to my last four and half weeks of pg, last night I was having major pains in my tummy and down below and felt so alone. Then I thought about what it would be like if OH was there!!!! my stress levels went straight up.
    I have got the bath thing worked out, one of my friends is going to come round on a morning when she has dropped her twins off at nursary and said she will look after him while I have a bath!!!!!
    I am worried about the labour etc, about been on my own should it start durring the night, as I dont have my parents to turn to either.
    I was told last week I have SPD along with more cysts and piles so fingers cross I will be having a c-section at least then I will know (fingers crossed) when i am having him.
    time will tell
    take care girls
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