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good news

well me and my ch r bac together i dnt quite no how it happend but he just saw sense i think. We ent moveing in together again cos im not ready cos we split 4 a gud few weeks so we r just seeing how things go so there is hope out there hes a totally changed person he did my hoovering got the kids breakfast took us out everyday this week he stayed ova last night and it was lovelly after everything that has happend lets just hope he really has changed xxxx


  • Hi, just wanted to say good luck and i hope things go well for you! After reading your previous posts/replies just be carefull and take care of yourself. I hope he has changed coz it def sounds like you need abreak from the shit! xx
  • well im bac on here again as he has walked out on me and his 3 mnth old baby i think hes gone wiv someone else but wont admit it cos he wants to keep me danleing. Its my own stupid fault for trustin him again iv only myself to blame everyone warned me
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