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hello :-)

i am a single parent, split with oh last august ish
i have 3 kids age 16 (girl) 11(boy) and 16m(boy) also due the final instalment to mi brood in april image
hope im not gonna be the only 1 here, it wld be nice to share the ups and downs of parenting on our own and hopefully have a few laughs image xx


  • Hi Kirst...dont worry your not the only one image Have only just noticed this forum...its so nice to actually be able to speak to single mums in same boat.

    Im a single parent to my 3 and half month old boy jayden. Me and his father split when i was 5 months pregnant.

    I take my hat off to ya for soon looking after four kids even though one is a teenager...sometimes i dont know if thats worse?! I can just about manage one!! xx
  • Hiya
    I'm here too. I suggested this forum after OH left last week - leaving me with our 13 week old son we'd been trying 2 years for... quite devastating really. Still trying to come to terms with it all but seems I'm in good company and you guys will help me when I'm tearing my hair out!!!
    Tracey xxx
  • Sorry to hear that must be very hard for you. If you ever need a moan we are here to listen image

    I suppose I was quite lucky in some sense of the word as my oh left when iw as 5 months pregnant so i got to terms with being a single parent before jayden was born. Now he visits on a tuesday and thursday for 2 hours... couldnt imagine us together now though...think i would of killed myself by now! xx
  • i'm gemma, i have two boys, my oldest is 4 next month and my lo is 19 months. split with their dad last march when he walked out on us for another woman, they are now getting married this march!
    sorry to hear your news tracey, it does get easier, we are here if you need a chat. xx
  • Hi ladies,
    I had already split with my babies father before I got pg, we had a bit of a thing for a few days and bingo! Lo is due to arrive on March 20th (my birthday), but having c section so should be a week early.
    I have done the whole of the pregnancy on my own as the ex is either been over nice or threating to beat me up or sending nasty text messages. I finally got the courts to serve him with an injunction on monday so he cant have anything to do with me. Visition will be via a third person.
    think I might pop off for my afternoon nap! (who's the baby here!!!! lol) x
  • Sorry to hear your ex is being well...a prick! My ex was also a complete tosser. We split when i was 4/5months pregnant. He use to really put me down saying i was fat, if not calling me fat he would call me a slut! Anyway he eventually came round to me having the baby and now jayden is 14 weeks and sees his dad on a tuesday and thursday.

    I think your really strong for standing up to him and sometimes i think its easier to split before babies born rather then after... good luck to ya ! x
  • My ex caused me to have a miscarriage last year and when i got my strength back i finished him then found out i was pregnant, he sed me+the baby were as good as dead to him, i gave him a chance, he blew it, so i changed my number and have had no letters or anything from him, he lived in my flat for 10months, we moved in together. When i had contact with him he only upset me and caused me stress, which is why i lost my first baby. So i made the descision to have nothing to do with him, its the best descison i've ever made, i feel so much better and am glad my baby wont have to be involved with him until old enough to decide, coz hes violent, aggressive and unstable, and he doesnt deserve to ruin by babys life.
  • Hi everyone im glad they have this forum now as it is nice to be able to chat and heve a moan about men to other single moms who really do understand!!!I had spilt with my ex before i found out i was pregnant when i found out we had a heart to heart and got back together,he promised to change and i half believed him...anyway as you all know it was just empty promises and we spilt again when i was around 3mths....hard at first to cope and the feeling of being abandoned was horrible...BUT now i wouldnt have it any other way im so happier without him and free of all the stress he used to little boy is now 6mths old and such a happy little soul and i really doubt he would be if i had stayed with his dad as babies can pick up on all the tension...his dad has him for 4hrs on a sat and i get money from him via the CSA as he wouldnt pay otherwise...some men are useless and shouldnt have kids but then again there are afew good uns out there so lets forget the rats and look forward to meeting the nice ones in time...right now are LOs are what matters!!!!!!!!!!!!take care all x
  • heya everyone my name is Louise and i am 24 years old and i have two children. James has just turned 4 years and Jasmine will be 3 in june and i have divorced for nearly 3 years , since he walked out on us and haven't seen him seen since.

    love Louise xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • wow i have finally met ppl in the same position as me!! ... i hadnt been with babys dad long wen i got pg as we only met through mutual friends on new yrs eve. everythin was fab.i learnt he had a daughter from a previous relationship and me and his ex formed quite a good friendship and still remain friends to this day , i think this got to him deep down .
    wen i was 14 weeks i went to bed quite early and he reckoned i was actin suspicious ( cos i was tired) lol. he then went through my phone at 2 am and found a lads phone number no txs or anythin he then comes up with the trump card this baby aint mine i thn laughed at him and sed ok we will av a dna test wen its born so i left he has had no contact with me even though i have been in hospital cos of bleedin but he aint bothered . at the min he cant afford to live and has a well paid job but is changin his job to a less paid job . he then cheated on me with a girl that takes drugs and i said if he would rather put his dick about thn he aint worth it and tht hurt him . i will never forgive him for wat i did to him and he can run but he will pay through the csa he is my babys dad no matter wat he says he is loser in this xx
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