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Younger lover!! eek!

I am currently 30 weeks pregnant with my second baby, well technically third. I have a seven year old daughter and I had a son in 2006 who sadly passed away in 2007. I am having great difficulty with the father of my current baby. I am 26 and he is 18!!!! I understand that he is young and more than likely not ready to become a father but it is too late for regrets now. He tells me I chose to keep the baby so therefore I must deal with it, although when i first told him i was pregnant, he told me he wanted me 2 keep the baby. I wasnt ready for another child but due to losing my son I felt that i would be takin the P if i had a termination. He does not help, rarely calls to see how I am and has now sprung it on me that he wants a blood test when our baby is born and until then me being pregnant is not important to him. The situation is highly depressing me. Whenever I speak to him, I end up being made to feel like crap, one min he wants to be there, the next min he doesnt. I dont know whether to just cut him off completely or allow him to keep popping in and out whenever he feels like it? The thing that scares me the most is that he will not be there when his child is born, i dont even have a friend that i can ask to be there with me when i go into labour. What does one do?:cry:


  • to be honest hun get rid of him u can do alot better. Hes a little boy and wants to grow up he isnt interested in u by the sounds of it. Hes only 18 and cant deal with the responsibility u r better off out of it just concentrate on your two babys if i can do it wiv 4 u can do it wiv 2 trust me and wen little one is born, u wont have the time to think about him hes a tosser by the sounds of it tell him to do one. And do u really want him there when u have the baby? think about it cos if hes been a dick now u can imagine wot sort of support hel be if hes there blokes dont think like us woman they can just walk out on them when ever they feel like it it doesnt bother them atall my ex doesnt bother wiv ellesse my 4 mnth old doesnt even ask how she is doesnt come and see her, and to take the piss he lives just down the road lmao. Im so much better off wivout him its hard hun now cos u r pregnant and your hormomes r everywhere i was the same u will be fine when u hav had baby u will start to see things clearly. I was in your situation but he came bac then left me agen its men for u u will be fine and u will sort it out i hav no family nuffin and i got on wiv it but he came wiv me to the birth cos thts wen he came bac and buggered off wen the novelty worn off hes a prick what can i say iv learned my lesson just dont do what i did and take him bac ffs xxxx
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