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lone parent deal

hi i have a 14 month daughter and am on income support at the moment, was just wondering at what point the goverment say you have to go back to work as i have recieved a 'lone parent back to work interview' appointment for the new year. im confused as i cant go back to work at the moment as daughter is too young to leave at a pre-school and at the moment i cant afford baby sitters charges. any advice would be gratefully appreciated.
thanks in advance x


  • sorry i cant help you at all cos im in australia, but what happens here is you get the full payments til your youngest child starts full-time school (age 5 or 6), then it drops realy low so you pretty much HAVE to go to work (but thats easier cos they are in full-time car at school which is also free.)

    Anyway... good luck!! xxx
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