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Anyone been through the same - contact order

Some of you may be aware of what we have gone through in the past year, however for the last 6 months ex has been trying to get me to agree to him taking Luke out for the day away from me. AS I won't let him he is taking me to court next month for a contact order.

As anyone else been through this, if so what happens, in Luke short 1 year ex has probably only seen him about 15 times at max and he did not see him for 23 weeks from March till end of August, his choice he said he did not want to see me, he only came then and for the last few weeks to show that he is the big man and bring Luke stupid birthday presents

I am dreading them saying that Luke can go with his dad especially as I am still bf him and ex says oh he can have a bottle, also Luke is very clingly at the moment. I can't bear the thought of ex taking Luke back to his flat and they play happy families with his women..

Any advice appreciated, also in Toddler.

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