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Trial separation :cry:

Hello everyone,

Im new to this forum. Me and my husband are having a trial separation at the moment, which isnt going well so far (its only been a week but looks like it might be more permanent) Ive been great since he left and I have been alot happier since he's been away and had a great week with my daughter although im hopeing long term that I can be happy with my husband again. Anyway tonight my daughter Caitlin (8 months) went to stay with my husband at his mums for an overnight and Im really upset about her going! I tried not to seem upset in front of her but im having a little sob now shes gone! :cry: Anyone else been in a similar situation re trial separation or more permanant separation?



  • hi hun. i split with my oh a couple of months ago and i think its a permanant arrangement now. i've finally realised i am better off without him.
    he pushed me and pulled my hair while i was holding our lo and he never helped out, thought more of tv and footy, so we are so much better on our own.
    i think your very brave letting your oh have your daughter overnight.
    i still haven't let my ex have our daughter over night although he keeps asking.
    i don't feel i can trust him as when he was here he would occasionally bring her downstairs so i could get some rest and i would come down to her crawling round crying and him asleep on the sofa. so i have no confidence in him and things he does and says now doesn't show me he will look after her properly now. although he is living at his mums, but i feel its not up to his mum, if he can't do it, he can't have her overnight.
    maybe i'm just beeing selfish?
    like diane said in the baby forum, if your meant to be together, you will be, but you do sound like you and your lo are happier on your own now.
    i hope it all works out ok for you hun.
    love and hugs, leona

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