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god i miss him so much

my o/h walked out on me 2 weeks ago cos i found summink i shudnt hav a half naked slapper on his pc then he said he was going to get bike parts then never came bac. thn got a text saying he wernt cummin bac and he was cummin to get his stuff the next day whilst i was out. he did just that since then its bin constant textin me saying he loves me but how can he loves me if he left me it dont make sense im 7 mnths preg ffs he wants to live apart but see me wen ever but still wants me lol ive since found and come to the conclusion he just wants me as a care of address to claim benifits cheeky shit and to dump his dog on me hes livin in a total shit hole with his m8 ive begged him to come home but he wont hes just left me but just feels bad he ent even text me today im so upset hes completely left me in the shit cos hes left me ive got to put my other 3 kids into foster care wen i have amy cos im haveing section and have nobody to look after them god im so hurt and i still cant get him out my head i moved down frm birmingham to b with him away frm my mom and everything i new and now hes left me and iv told him im gonna go bac and hes tellin me not to go cos he loves me and to think of amy wtf? but he wont cum home he dont no wot he wants we were just constantly testing the same thing ova again and it was getting us nowhere so ive just give up and left him to it today last text off me was im never gonna bother him agen he text thismornin tellin me not to leave norfolk and that he loves me but nuffin since i just dont no wot to think anymore and i just dont no what to do im so broken hearted im jusy wondering will he see sense wen i come to have amy will it finally hit him what hes done? my midwife has said this ent my fault and he just left cos hes a wanker who cant face his responsabilities he has a track record of doing this thow i shud of known betta he did it to 2 other woman and now hes done it to me he keeps blameing me all the time thow and i just dont understand y and wen i cry he just laughs in my face he turned up the other day and he expected me to be all nice to him he acted like nuffins happend and was even trying to grope me up and then he cudnt understand y i was off and shouted at him wen he did he said this was y he left wot did he expect afer him leaveing me i just dont no wot to think hes driveing me nuts i just dont no wot to think i love him so much and miss him so much im totally lost without him i just dont no where everythings gone wrong xxx :cry:
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