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please can you help

ok i am 23 years old with an 8 month old healthy baby boy, the father is around every day and life seems like it couldn't get better right? Wrong, i am miles away from my family, i spend everyday at home with my bubba whom i adore more than life, but i never imagined having children and though i wouldnt change it for the world i am deeply unhappy. I have told the dad that i am unhappy and want to move closer to my sister where i will have someone to help look after c whilst i work as i have no money at all ever. the dad told me if i moved it would be the end of me and him and i love him i really do but im not sure im in love with him and i am so scared to move because what if its the wrong choice, also i dont want c to be without his dad but then on the other hand it wouldnt be any different if i did move as realistically k doesnt see him in the week as he is at work first thing in the morning and then when he gets back c is already in bed so he only really sees or spends time with c on weekends. i know it sounds like i am behaving spoilt but i am so lonely and down, i really love k (the daddy) but i am so unhappy and i dont know what to do i dont drive so i cant just go and visit and im scared of starting all over again especially as i cant afford to and c has a routine. please help me thank you
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