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hes left me again and this time ellesse aswell...

He went on fri cos he workes at a holiday park. And i told him he had to start giveing me money cos he haddnt gave me any attal for ellesse and she is now 13 weeks old. I also said cos he was going to work at 10 in morn thn not cummin home till 12 at night 7 days a week so i asked him to hav one day off a week or every two weeks so we cud be a familly. Well he wouldnt and iv found out tht he isnt allowed to to all these hours hes now living on the holiday park where he works he dnt even ask about ellesse or anything. so i told him never to talk to me again cos this is the fhird time he has done this and i hav a gut feeling there is more to this thn him just leavein me i think hes cheating on me if u wnt the truth. But as always he is denying it he is constantly lieing to me and i cant take it anymore he keepa walkin out on us every few weeks. h was great when ellesse was first born thn it was like he was gettin bored of her cos he wudnt hardley pick her up or feed her and eventually hed never see her cos he was always at work. Im just so down i dnt no what to do or what to think anymore i cant live like this i love him so much its so hard everytime i look at ellesse i want to cry cos i feel so horrible and sorry for her how cud he do this to his own baby mind u if u read my prev posts he is a bit of a pro at this. Hes constantly tellin me he loves me but u dnt leave and lie and desert the ppl u love pls someone give me sum advice on what u think is going on i just dnt no wot to do if he really wanted to c her hed be here but he hasnt even bothered with her atall xx :cry:
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