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tummy ache

This is my 1st baby an im only 9 weeks but tummy is sore? is this normal, my mam says its because its stretching. Can anyone help x


  • Hi scared mummy. Don't be scared! There are a couple of threads about this in the pregnancy forum and yes, it seems to be completely normal. It seems like most of us have had it and it's nothing to worry about.
  • As Salks says, it is normal - I had that too, esp at the beginning. I am now 22 +5 and at some points I get aches and assume they are from my stretching uterus. But go and see your GP or talk with a midwife/ go to the early preg unit where you can talk to med professionals and get advice as well as a transvaginal scan if you need to... they're there to put your mind at ease.

    I am also a first time mum and I know how worrying it can be. xx
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