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single and sixteen

just wondering if any one else is in the same boat as i am?

im due my baby boy on the 18th of august...single parent....and sixteen! and now getting a bit scared as time is comming sooner!! lol


  • hi hun. are you living on your own or with your parents, what sort of support do you have?
    i won't lie...its hard...but as soon as you hold your baby, you realise its all worth it.
    does your babys father want to be involved?
  • hey leona, im luckily still living with both my parents who are being totally amazing about the whole thing, which is a good thing!!! been very supportive which has helped!!

    i can't wait until i have my wee boy!! so excited.

    Babys father, well! he's another story, basically from the start he said he doesnt want to be involved, and kept changing his mind now and again. But, it's come to an end and he hasnt even made contact with me so his loss i spose. just hurts sometimes thinking bout it! but hey ho, i'll have my baby to think off!!

  • hiya huni

    i left a post on your other form i bet ur excited n i no it scary i was also 16 when i had 1st u got ne names linned up for when he cums in2 the world ? who u havin at ur birth? i had me mum with my second n my partner but cudnt of done it with out my mummy lol

    wb x
  • yeh, defo excited!!! =] cant waittt just wish he would hurry up! :P
    Like Keegan since the start, so think thts what im gonna call my baby boy!!!

    my mums gonna be my birth partner!! shes more excited thn i am! think she's thinkin its gonna be a laugh haha! xx
  • exactly...and i'm sure you'll do a fine job hunny.
    it does get lonely and hard, especially when your sitting in with a baby knowing the father is probably out enjoying themselves and having a social life. hopefully you'll find it a bit easier as you live with your parents.
    some men come to their senses after the babys born, doesn't seem real for them until its actually here, so if he does want to be a part of it, make sure its regular or not at all, and on your terms coz you don't want him coming and going as he pleases.
    i hope he will at least be paying you maintenance?
    by the way...i'm nearly 25 and my lo, rhianna, is 15 months.
  • i had my ex and my mum with me when i had rhianna.
    although mum had to leave the room half way through coz it got over complications so had extra doctors and midwifes in, and seen as i was still with my ex at the time, my mum left. wish she could've stayed tho.
  • hey joanne, how mad is tht! defo same sorta situation haha :P ive added you on msn, mine is [email protected] if ya want a wee chat!!!! x
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