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Morning Fellow single parents,
I am a single parent in waiting ! I am due on March 20th (my birthday) - what a present should it happen with a little boy. I dont have anything to do with the father and that is how it will be staying as he is off this planet!
I live in the York/Leeds area, conversation would be good


  • Hiya dottie, im also a single mum to be! My lo isnt due till july tho! Long time off yet. I live in lancashire xx

    Mikayla 15+6 xx
  • you never said on pregnancy forum that you were single, how is it going? I am on a mission today to findout how my sure start is going, turns out I sent the first lot of information to the wrong office then Ive been ringing the wrong office now Ive got the right office Sheffield, while I was on the phone with the lady she said she didnt understand something on my application put me on hold then came back and said their fire alarm was going off and cut me off!
  • welcome dottie and mikayla image good to see more single parents joining the gang x
  • I'm 22, im a single mam to be to (from Newcastle), im 18 weeks pregnant and am also having nothing to do with babys father, thats also the way its staying, he had many chances and blew them! I'm looking forward to a life without him, but with my baby. Nice to see im not alone, Sarah xXx
  • your not alone im here to,im a single mom to my 6mth old little boy....whose wonderful...father a waste of time though lol but im happy finally and wouldnt change my situation now,no one needs a waste of time sucking all their energy lol!hope everyones ok x
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