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pls read!!!!! how do i cope

i was an air hostess before i got pregnant and eventually my world collapsed after XX left.... I resigned before pregnant to re-locate with XX abroad for greener and peaceful life when eventually found out i was pregnant.

now its dawned on me that am all alone with my little cuttie and XX is never going to be the ideal dad and father i wished for.

well, i have learnt to wipe them tears and stand on my feet again thanks to some of you guys honest responses to peoples write -ups which encouraged me so so very much.

so, need to keep busy by getting back to my job inorder to support me and lil bootie (now 7months) all the way without questions and arguments and xplainations on what i think will be good for us.

but the problem is, how do i leave my angel behind..... my family is living far far away from where am staying... and no friends really to be there all the way... ionly have this nanny to stay with him when i go on flights and all..... but, i keep missing him every second cos he seems to be all i have right now... how do i cope with leeting go and go get this job rolling without fear of losing my lil bootie.... my world will crack into nuts if i lose that BOND i have with him.

any ideas girls? pls help this helpless momma!!!:\?

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