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Hi... pregnant and alone

Hi everyone!

well where to start.... My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 months... he is 24 and I am 21. About 3 weeks ago we found out I am pregnant. Obviously it was not planned but I want to keep the baby.

I am about 7 weeks atm so its early days but I went for a scan yesterday and everything is as it should be so far, with a good strong heartbeat.

Here is the problem... I am so in love with my bf, I really am and I want us to be one happy family... but.. we have had a rocky relationship from the start and have broken up and got back together twice in the three weeks since we found out I am pregnant. He is not excited about the baby is is not at all supportive, From little things like not giving me a hug when I am feeling ill to bigger problems like not wanting to move in with me when the baby is born. I love him but am so unhappy as though I want to be with him, I also want the fairytale and well... I am never going to get that from him. He suffers from depression, also likes to drink a lot and lie to me... I found messages he had sent one of his friends calling me a psycho which really hurt.

He/ I live in birmingham and my family are in manchester which is another complication... I am terrified to stay with him trying to make it work for him to then leave me after baby is born and me be stuck here alone....

where as my family are in manchester so I know if I was there I would have support no matter what...

would you stick around and try to make things work with the father, or would you move back to be near my family??? advice please.

Lucretia x :\?

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  • To be honest with you, my other half was exactly the same as yours and now my son is 10 months and he has no involvement what so ever so please bare that in mind. I think if he was wanting to be involved he would put every little bit of effort in to keep you in birmingham. If I was you id probably go back with your family as i know just how much of a help they can be once youve had a baby especially when its your first.

    I had my boy when i was 20 and without my parents I dont think id be where i am now. Im a much stronger person and (i hope!) a very good single parent!

    Dont forget you can always go back to birmingham once you know 100% hes there for you and baby and you can be a happy family but until then dont put yourself or your baby at risk at being left alone!

    Hope this helps
  • let me tell you my story,
    in 2002 in met a man who the first 8 mths of the realationship where a mess after 4 mths we split up and i took an overdose after a few months apart we got back together and gave it another go, it was going great we were crazy bout each other, then the shock came i was pregnant! at first we were happy planning our life together, but my boyfriend didnt want children yet he wasnt ready, so we split up , were kept in contact a little but that frazzled out, i sent scan pics to him and the day i went into labour i txtd him to tell him , and txt again to say he had a beautiful daughter, the next few days we txtd a little and when she was 5 days he met her for the first time, he loved her, also the more time we spent together we knew we were crazy about each other, so after a month we were back together and so in love after our daughter was 2 we split up briefly for a couple of months but we soon got back together and we started planning baby num 2 and were very excited and in 2006 our son was born ,everything was perfect we bought our own home had the perfect family, so last year we decided that we would get married and become a complete unit everything was sorted to get married april this year, but then last christmas the bomb shell came i was pregnant for the 3rd time, i told my other half he was in shock didnt speak to me for days anyway we never wanted anymore than two children we decided to keep the baby and cancel the wedding well we have 12 days til due date and were all very excited, me and oh are still going strong and still crazy in love and he doing everything he can to get things sorted around the house for baby, i bet he doesnt get up for night feeds lol
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