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Single mum and missing out on friends and friendships!!! X

Hi everyone, I'm Sam and I am a single mum to a 4 year old daughter. I take her out to various places, and play with her as much as I can, we do lots of things together but I don't have any friends! Sad but true! No one phones me, or pops round for a cuppa and a chat ~ even though I have invited them! I must be doing something wrong ~ any ideas what?? X


  • Your probs doin nuffin wrong luv! I dont really dont see many of my mates cos not alot of em have kids really? My lovely sis in law is my best mate, she has 5 of the little darlings! I'm expectin my 4th... not planned at all as im on my own but hey... Happy bout it. Here to chat if ya want? x
  • Hiya i am gatecrashing from large families but just want to say dont feel that your on your own, i dont really see any of my friends any more and some days im just at home with my lo! you are not doing anything wrong hun just keep doing what your doing and remember we are here, thats the good thing about this site you dont have to be on your own, i look forward to hearing from you

    Leigh xxx
  • Sorry to g/c just wondered if you had tried You can put in what part of the country you're from, and chat with other mums in your area. xx
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