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new to this site....going to be a single mum!


dont really know what to write as i havent been on one of these sites before but though id see if there is anyone else on here.
well im 28 and due a baby im overdue by 3 days now and going to be a single mum after the farther didnt want to know either me or the baby.
ive got used to the idea of being single mum to my baby but im so lonley now and just feel so bad dont know if its just worry making it all worse as i could have the baby anytime now but i feel completly on my own even though i have good friends and ive moved back in with my dad so im not alone,
im so worried about eveything at the moment

shouldnt complain as there is always someone worse of isnt they but supose i am just feeling sorry for myself



  • hi hun. with good friends and family around you for support, you will be fine.
    i won't is hard, but when you hold your baby for the first time all your worries will go away.
    i'm 24 and have rhianna who's 13 months. her dad left a couple of months ago as we were just not getting on since i had rhianna. he started getting aggressive before he left, pushing me and pulling my hair while i had our baby in my arms so i've finally realised i'm better off without him anyway.
    he still has contact though which does make it hard for me to try and move on and get over things.
    have you got all your benefits and things sorted?
    good luck hunny.
  • my partner left 2 months ago, it is hard but wen my son smiles at me or does something new i just think it is him thats missing out. im going to be there for all the milestones.
    what i found the hardest is u never think this is how it will be. u dont imagine doing it all on ur own. all your hopes and dreams gone. it is starting to get slightly easier now and what i found helped is a friend said to me. u will have such a great bond with your child as it is only the 2 of u.
    i hope it works out for you x
  • Hi, I'm 28 too and 25 weeks pregnant this week. My ex partner has decided to leave us too with no contact to the baby either. He might change his mind as its early days. I have great support from friends and family and even more support from other single mums. They always reasurre me that you will have your bad days but far more good days are to come when your holding your bundle of joy in your arms. Your the one will who reap all the love and benefits from your baby and you will look at your baby and won't regret a thing. Just take everyday as it comes, try not to have too much expectations of yourself as that will make you even lower if your not reaching it. Just enjoy the last few days/hours of your pregnancy and trust that things will start to settle and your confidence will grow in time....all the best with your labour image
  • Hi hun, I'm 25 and have 3 beautiful daughters ...Caitlin - 5, Phoebe - 2 and Lucie -1!

    My partner of 8 years just up and left us the beginning of April (for a 22 yr old slapper with no kids lol!) and even though he was there at their birth's, see them take their first breath, he hasn't bothered to see the children at all ...C***!.
    Although initially i was devastated I feel so much better off now! We do what we like, when we like.

    Yes it's hard work but that baby of yours will grow up knowing that you were the only one there and will truly appreciate you (like you wouldn't believe) when they have their own children.

    When the baby comes ...don't have ideals - nothing ever goes to plan ... just go with the flow! If you have friends and family around you take up offers of help and those sleepless nights will soon pass hun. image

    You have 'cyber-support' here too, if your stuck - there will be someone that will have gone through exactly the same situation!

    Good luck love, Do you know what your having? Thought of any names?

    It's scary, but it will be the best thing you've ever done ...believe me! You'll of never felt anything like it. xx
  • hi leanne. any sign of your lo yet?
    hope alls going ok.
  • Hello leanne i 'am Louise and i am 24 years old and i have two children one boy and one girl and their names are James and Jasmine.
    James is four and Jasmine is three and i have been divorced from the children father for nearly three years now and haven't seen him since.
    and been yeh i have been a single mother for nearly three years now and yeh it can be quite lonely but you will get used to it in time and as time goes on you can try going out with some friends and you never know someone might catch your eye.
    all the best, thinking of you
    louise xx
    here to talk if u need me on msn [email protected]
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