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what do you think this could be??


my ex has summer every other friday all day and night, which is fab for me even tho i constantly worry about her while she is gone.

but the problem is when he brings her back on the saturday morning (usually around 7.30am!!) she always has a funny tummy, loose bowels etc for all of the saturday and is then back to normal by sunday.

Ive asked him what he feeds her and he hasnt said anything out of the ordinary.

I mentioned this to my dad and he said he thought it could be stress, of her waking up in a strange house, and being away from me for the entire day etc.

so this week im gonna ask the ex to write down everything she eats or drinks while with him to see if there is anything i wouldnt normally give her.

but my dilema is what if theres nothing on the list he gives me that would cause this?? should i stop him from having summer over night?? this will cause alot of problems and arguements and i imagine he will take me to court.....

im not sure what to do!!!


p.s summer is 15 months 3 weeks old xx


  • hey hun,

    i offered kirk to have summer overnight once a weekend but he said he didnt want her (those were his exact words).

    i might have to start giving him all her food again at least i will know whats shes having...
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