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Hacked off!

As of this week jaydens dad is coming over tuesdays and thursdays ( before this week he had only seen him 3 times in 3 months!) And already im pissed off with him. Im 20 and hes 32 and he has a 11 yr old daughter too and seems to think he can tell me how to look after our son. Im sorry but i think I done a good enough job by myself the last 3 months. Ive tried to keep my cool but last night jayden was really crying when i was doing dinner and I knew why cause I know his cries (he was overtired) So i came in and gave him his dummy....he took his dummy out and put the swing on with the mobile...i told him hes over tired and doesnt need more i stuck his dummy back in his mouth oh and funnily enough he shut up! As ive gone back in the kitchen i can hear the mobile going and jayden starts crying! So I lost the plot didnt I started shouting at him making jayden cry more.

I was so outraged cause I think i know what im doing by now...after all I have got to know him inside out over past 14 weeks!

Sorry just had to get that out my system.... was so much easier and better when he werent about because he doesnt know him at all yet!


  • i know how you feel, my ex is the same. we split up nearly a year ago and he struggles to see the kids once a week! he doesn't have a clue what's going on in there lives, what food they do and don't like etc yet he thinks he has a right to an opinion when i'm telling our son off for being rude or naughty. I know he's their dad but i don't think he should have any rights over the kids coz he doesn't make an effort and doesn't look after them, phyisically or financially but they adore him! he never tells them off and he pretty much tries to let them do what they want while i look like the bad guy when i'm just trying to raise polite, healthy children!! it makes me sick
  • I feel for you i really do. You put in all the effort and your the one made to look bad. Its ok for hiom to let them do what they want but hes not the one who ends up having to deal with the consequences. Men just dont understand. Marc seems to feel its ok to tell jayden to shut up when hes crying! Erm hello hes a baby! He cant talk. Even if hes just moaning or cooing he tells him to shut up! As though he shouldnt make any noise ever! Really pisses me off!
  • hi,
    I have all this to come and I am not looking forward to it. Yet my lo's father does have other kids, he doesnt see them much nor pay for them so I am not expecting alot of help from him. Yet when we did speak while Ive been pregnant he was telling me what to do etc. We didnt stay on speaking terms for long.
  • Hi,

    I am in a bit of a strange situation with my LO's Daddy- we're not in a relationship but we do see a lot of each other & he has been telling me what I should & shouldn't be doing whilst pregnant & it's really grating on me!!!
    We had dinner the other week & I put salt on my potatoes as I always do & he was like hmmm that salt can't be good for you or the baby & as I used to smoke 20 cigs a day I do have the odd puff (very rarely maybe half a ciggie a month) but when he found out he threw a wobbler yet he smokes in front of me or whilst in the car & I always thought passive smoking wasn't great for you either!!!

    I think this is just typical of men girls but you seem to be doing really well with your LO's & for so long as you can bite your tongue & prove them wrong you'll be grand.

    Good luck
  • Girls, if men where that great it would be them having the babies and not us!!!!!!!!!!!! tell them to bog off - sorry girls its just the tired mood Im in today
  • Thats a very good point actually dottie!
  • :evil::evil::evil::evil: Grrrrrrrrrr :evil::evil:


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  • im suppose im lucky in away that i have no contact at all with my ex,his parents pick my little boy up from my mums house and he has him for 4hrs every sat at his parents house(he still lives at home)so not only do i not see him i dont see his parents either!!!!!!!!!its a silly situation and it bothers me at times that its my mum passing on msgs im the mother for god sake but this was the way the ex wanted things...was just bein his usual dickhead self lol!i dont think if it was down to him to come and pick his own son up and take him to his own place he would seems to be his parents doing all the running n work!but i wouldnt want him to anyway as like you all say he has no idea what my baby likes or what rountine he is in!another thing do or did any of you buy cards for your exes as if from baby?like for Xmas n fathers day?i only ask because i did for Xmas...for him and for grandparents but i didnt get the same back!Mothers day is next so will see if they have the decency to this time lol..sorry for going on....x
  • this is why i am so glad that now at 18weeks preg, i dont have anything to do with him or his family, his mam has my mobile number and we moved into this flat together 4 10months but nothing. Its made it so much easier. If his parents were involved i know they would undermine everything i did anyway, im not going to contact them, if they cared they would contact me so im a single parent with no ex involvement, seems like heaven compared to you girls, men are useless, your kids will realise the truth anyway xXx
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