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Omg im soooo fumeing well he hadtwo kids wiv his ex i dnt mind the csa claimin for thm kids. But omg the cow has only put her first born son on there who isnt even his 100% cos he took her on wiv him wen it was 9 mnths old so th means cos tht stupid selfish bitch put him on there ans fred wont say anything im only gona get 18 pound a week for ellesse. Im fumeing that kids is basicly gettin ellesses and the other twos money but u havent heard the best the dad of tht boy payes for him so she get two lots of money one lot frm the dads own bat and csa from my ex for him i told thm but they said until he denys parentige there s nuffin they can do aaaaaagggggggghhhhhh i dnt no y i bothered. sorry fo te rant im just soooo angry :x


  • if you ask me the csa needs a good shake up from all angles. i have been waiting 9 months for maintenence through them and no luck with seeing any cash yet abd i've been told it could be another 6 months yet as he is refusing to pay!!!
    As for your situation he will have to deny parentage then probably have to do dna to prove it. The x shouldn't be claiming money from 2 different men for the same child, if she is claiming through the csa from the first father i would tell the csa what she's up to yourself as the csa are that dozy they probably haven't worked it out for themselves!
  • iv told them but apparently they work on evidence the dense dicks god im sooooo cross y did i bother 18 pound will get me a tin of milk and nappies wot about clothes pushchairs other equiptment
  • i know how you feel although my circumstances are slightly different. My son's father is refusing to pay anything at all. I haven't had a penny since january. Csa are meant to be taking him to court to force payment but the system is so slow it all geared up towards the fathers rights and stuff the child. When you ask them what yu are meant to do about feeding clothing your child and providing a roof over their head in the mean time they are not interested. I am very lucky to have parents who can help temporarily and a very supportive husband but i know probably the majotity of people dealing with the csa are not so fortunate.
    I ahve heard that if you are unemployed and claiming benefits it is amazing how quickly they can sort out your csa for you!!!!
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