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Fear of responsibility

I dont know if its just me but i some times get so anxious and have panic attacks when i think i have a child that depends soley on me, i have no friends or family so i worry what will happen to her if something happens to me or if im ill or if we go out one day and im ill i wouldnt b able to look after her or get home. I would love more children but im worried about them. Sometime the responsibility gets too much. Her dad left when i was preg so it has just been me doin everything and couldnt imagin what would happen if i died or was ill i mean would anyone even find me or her how would she be fed or anythin, sorry if its just me that worrys i just wanted to know if its normal? Thanks


  • hey your feelings are perfectly normal. we all have doubs at times but we just need 2 put the in2 perspective image
    u didnt say how old your child was but are they old enough 2 b put in nursery? they could make new frineds n u could have some me time? or go 2 college or something to give your confidence a boost. contact me if u like n we can talk some more x
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